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I'm Blue Oreo, and welcome to my profile/site. Please sign my guestbook, and I'll be glad to add you as a friend.

What are my favorite anime series? My main favorite is definately Naruto, but I also like Cardcaptor Sakura *one of the first series I ever got hooked on*, Saiyuki (even though I only own 3 of the DVDs...), Wolf's Rain, Full Metal Alchemist, and quite a few more.

Favorite Naruto characters

Gaara, Itachi, and Sakura are my favorites. =)

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Er, I guess it's official that I barely come here anymore. Sorry to those of you who actually read my stuff and visited here a lot. ^^;

Besides, most of my online time is either spent on Maple Story, my Xanga, or various forums. I actually forgot this place even existed for awhile. o.o

So, my Xanga is at:


It's been active for a decently LONG time now. Maybe 2 years? o.O

If you have one, I'll gladly add you.

Bye, MyOtaku.

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Friday, August 12, 2005

o_o Er

I'm back yet again. Sorry, I've been busy. Least I managed to change my site layout...^^;

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Friday, July 1, 2005


How long has it been? I guess I just haven't found the time to come here, but I'll try and change that soon, along with a new layout.

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Sunday, May 29, 2005

All About 05, Baby

It's official. I graduated from High School. All I can say is I feel relieved, but sad that I'll never see some of the people I've known for many years again. Of course I'll still see my friends.

Happy Summer, everyone!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I made a forum for all of my friends, or basically anyone who wants to join. Take a look and see if you'd be interested to join. The more members, the better the forum will be. =D


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