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hi, for those of you who know me, im known as alex. to others, im known as blueeyesangel. so for those of you out there who are just meeting me or are looking at my art, here's th 411. name's alex. but all of you can call me al, ally, alex, lexxi, or even dude. ppl even call me rose, but ONLY GOGETTA19 CAN CALL ME THAT. i don't really care. my personality is part artist, part goth/emo, part tomboy. you'll almost never catch me in skirts. the things i can't live without: jeans, chocolate, all dark goth/emo colors, and manga/anime. im a simple teen brainiac bitchy party sportz chick. so get to know me if you dare, cause once you meet me, you'll never meet another beautiful, fun brown-eyed girl again whose totally like me, except maybe thedarknesswolf, the two of us are like doublegangers. so pm me, comment my art, make request, sign my guestbook and all that other shit. just get to know me and i'll be like your sister in no time flat.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

   i luv seto kaiba!

Which Kaiba brother would you marry?

Seto! You would marry the wiser and older half of the Kaiba brothers! Seto is a total workaholic that tries to come across as a heartless jerk. As soon as you crack this guy's hard shell you learn that he would do anything for the people he cares about! (Aww!)Protective, strong, and smart Seto would make a great husband. Now, let's hope you can get him away from that labtop once and awhile!Go Mrs. Kaiba! ^_^
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Monday, February 25, 2008

   His own little Fairy-Tale
once, about eight years ago, lived a little boy down the street. he was sweet and caring, but loneley. the kids at school always picked on him. he had countless failed attempts at suicide.
then, one of his few friends introduces him to a little girl, two years younger than him. she was shy, warm, artstic, and open-hearted. so they got to know each other. over time, the boy realized how happy the girl made him. if, he had a rough day at school, she would cry for him. and if he needed a friend, she was always there with a smile. she became his fairy-tale that had a happy ending.
it was only recently the the boy told the girl that meeting her, loving her, changed his life for the best. those thoughts left him because he found someone who could take all of his pain away and turn it into her own. when he lost control, she was there to be the punching bag for his anger. but she didn't care about getting hurt because he had done the same for her.

hope you like this little fairy-tale story of mine. p.s. the little girl in the story is me.

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Monday, February 4, 2008

   L COSPLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i got to cosplay L at a superbowl party last night, woo-hoo. it was so much fun! i got some great pics of myself with the thumb to my mouth and of a sweets addiction, they came out awesome. soon, you'll see 'em up here.
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