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Name: Kate
age: 17
Gender: Female
Location: England
Aim: TheDevilAngel8
Msn: Katie_Chmpn@Yahoo.co.uk

Sites where I dwell:

This is Bew-sama.
Welcome to my site.
I don't normaly post much, so forgive me for that.
I love to roleplay, I love to speak to me friends, I love messages and adds, and Also love to be random!
I've been into anime for years! I love alsorts and yeah, so on, have any good anime's I'll like tell me ok?
I make graphics for friends, I make avatars, buttons and banners.
If you would like me to make something for ya pm me.
I also love to draw, but don't normaly post them on Myo, only DA.


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Yo guys,
Not on here much am I? XP
I only have two or three friends so it's ok
:D I talk to them on Aim/Msn
Feh, just thought I'd wish ya all Happy late new year! :D
Good luck with 08 every one!

My New year resolution's:
+ Lose a bit of weight and tone up.
+ Gain some Fathe in what I already know is there, and have the guts to say it.
+ Get some guts.
+ Sort out a Job.
+ Stop letting people push me around.
+ Sort out deadline and make sure to hit them!
+ And Trying to stop hating me ._.;

Curently needing Help:
No help needed at the moment :0

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