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um... i don't have anything to say but well i like anime and sign my GB and i'll get back at u.by the way my theme right now is Avatar the last air bender,Ergo Proxy and the Boondocks.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

hey guys, i'm sorry but i can't get to anyone's site, i've been so busy lately. i have summer school and my friends r going crazy on me,lol.the only thing i'm not falling behind on is anime, i've beeen seeing alot of new anime lately.
well since i can't keep up with u guys i'm going to be shuting my site down for a while or maybe forever, i haven't decided,lol.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

hey guys, i think most of u heard about italy winning the world cup.it was good i must admit for a minute i thought france would win but after henry and zedane got out i kinda thought italy would so win. i mean like france had 3 of their best players outa the game and all,lol.henry is so hot, and good at penalty kicks him and zedane. but the best part was when that dude miss the penalty shot,lol. that was so funny, i mean seriously,lol. i knew italy would win after that,lol.i think it was grosso who did the last shot for italy, it was awesome.i was was like yey, itally won,lol.

the best part of the game was zedane's red card,lol.i bet everyone heard about it. that was really funny to me, it was sad too i mean this world cup is his last game.not only that but i think materazzi must have really pissed him off for him to do something like that,lol.also it was obvious miterazzi was faking injury he got up right after zedane got the red card,lol.

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Thursday, July 6, 2006


hey guys, i've been gone for a while,huh,lol. i'm back but not for good, i'll be gone again,lol.oh yean i missed alot of world cup match but i didn't miss italy and france oh yea ghana is gone.anyways france beat brazil 1-0. i gata admit france is so doing well, henry u know tierra henry he's so hot and he's good,too,lol.well anyways i hope italy wins the nexy match, i'm rooting for italy to win this world cup now that brazil is gone,lol.my dad is wants france to win,lol. um...well i have nothing to say,lol.


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Saturday, June 24, 2006

hey guys i think u guys were harsh on the USA soccer team,lol. is my fault i should tell u that the US actually ranks # 5 in world soccer, surprise huh,lol. the US soccer team suked in the 90s then Arena the US coach came and got the US to be awesome, they r too. the thing is the US has very good players is just that theyt think too much of themselfs tht's all.they thought they were gana beat ghana cause they tied italy who happen to beat ghana, u know.landon donovan said he only needed two week to prepare for the world cups. so basicly the US team doesn' really suk is just this world cup they suked,lol.and
they were very stupid, and i kinda blame Arena only a little,lol.

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Ghana win 2-1 with a slightly dodgy penalty. USA out, Ghana through. Good effort from the Americans,but their tactics were maybe a little too timid. Ghana the only African team to go through.

so that's the result ghana moves on to the next round. alot of ppl r blaming arena(US coach) but it's not his fault, the usa soccer team just suks, that's all,lol.well ghana was great and this is most likly their last win. they r going against brazil next,lol.italy v cze was pretty funny. u know how italy plays u can never tell if they r faking injury or not,lol.

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