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Sunday, August 20, 2006

   JackyxCharles Fans are everywhere!
Gah!!! Went to school today and arrived around 6pm, so tired and hungry,waaaaa!!!!

What's worse is that all of my batch keeps on teasing me and Charles AGAIN! Even the 2nd years are starting to hear the news,noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

Oh well, I really don't care. We just let it be,hehe! We had mass this morning then both of us [me and Charles] went to the Pharmacy booth to buy something because it's required, we bought necklaces [it would even be weirder if I say we bought matching necklaces......and it's....true.....eerrrr....hehehehe....]

He bought lemonade! Thank god! It was so freaking hot in the morning!!!!! SO HOT!

Then we ate lunch with another classmate

Then me and the class watched the Carolinian Idol. Sorta like American Idol except that we're not americans, we're students of San Carlos which is termed as CAROLINIAN

There was this kid, elementary student who is a boy but sang like a WOMAN and he was so AMAZING! All of our JAWS DROPPED!!!! No doubt that he won in the young division! GO HIM! GO ALLAN!

It finished at 4pm and we pharmacy students waited in the Engineering lobby for our Intrams T-shirt, it took so long! We waited for 2 hours and it still didn't arrive! I ended up talking with Charles the whole time and the constant teasing in the background,roar!

Then I couldn't take it anymore so I walked home



~Blue Hawk

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