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Thursday, May 4, 2006

Konnichiwa!!! ^_^
well im back..i guess...i think i have everythin under control...well lemme say this...
Lydia-chan!! i am not that bad a speller!!
i just type fast and dun like to spellcheck!!
also i have been imin lots and i have been sendin out sweet 16 thank you cards..lol..and i havent been speakin to Jeff....he and i got into a fight...he just said out of nowhere that he didnt wanna speak to me...so i did...so im not gunna be on Gridlock for a while...
also im gunna borrow Advent Children from a friend!! lol
My friends r in AP exams so im wishin them the best of luck!! also yesterday my mom had a break down and strated yelliun at me for no reason and in orde to say im sry she took us out for dinner..and i got ready in 5 min..lol..and i looked hot i hafta say..i put on my Tiffanys necklace and tooke my Coach purse..i looked pretty good lol...well later!!

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