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Monday, June 19, 2006

   ppl dun think im dead or anythin!!
hey im finally on vakay!!
yay!! o im freakin lazy!! so ya cant blame me for not comin on theO toommuch!! > Ap European history!! so for those of u who r in Europe i am gunna b learnin European history!!lol...and also i am gunna bve in English Honors!! yay!! and ima gunna be takin 2 languages!!! no bf yet..but ima keep ya updated on that.kk?? i know know i stil am not GentleEytes yet(thats cuz my mom forghets to give me the passwors) but other than that everythin is okey!! lol...i went to the junior senior prom the other night and i had a balsT!!!!! lol!! i hafta say i lookded perty!! well ill let ya get to the other ppl!!and i hafta comment on ur posts!!

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Friday, May 26, 2006

we love one another!! ^^
lkast night we were imin each other and he told me that he loved me!! lol!! ^^
i feel loved!! ^^
well other than that fianls seem as thou they will be a breeze..and im gettin back on theO...and yea...i have a new sn..so ppl dun be suprised...lol....
i love ya all but i mainly love my Haru!!

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

i think i may be in love!!
hey everyone!! im think im gettin the hang of bein back!! which is great!! i think i might go into some advanced classes next year for skewl...finals are comin up!! i wanna take 2 languages..spanish and manderian chinese...i think i have become a bit of a spoiled brat!! >< lol...and i met some 1!! i love him and he loves me!! which is great!! ill tell u guys more as more happens...kk??
well for now since i havent been on in a while.. tell me bout ur lives!! ^_^

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