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Monday, May 1, 2006

hey guys dun killl me! >
i know i havent been here in a while !! but isaid i wasnt gunna be here from thursday thro friday!! i was on a trip tjose two days...as rfor the weekend./.i was chillin!! lol...
well the trip that i had went on i hadda meet homless ppl..to be honest it want that bad...i met some pretty nice homeless ppl...
my outlook on them has conmpltley changed..i had an intellectual conversatiuon with a homelesss person and it made me sad to think that this smart person was homeless...
well once i came back ohome i was glad to be back...
also i restlesd well and i wtched anime!!! yayay!!
and i hung round my bros BFF and hes kewl...now he is alright to be round..
then yesterday i went into the city and i felt spoiled i got my coach bag and i got 2 Tiffany's necklackes!! yayay!
well thats it for now!! later!!
have fun guys!!

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