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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dentist trama.

Hey! Today I got out early and had to go to the dentist. I'm not really the type of person who has some kind of phobia against going to the driller, but I don't usually enjoy it. I usually am half asleep by the middle of the appointment. Anyways. I got three fixed, and actually came to enjoy it. My dentist asked me what I enjoyed, and when I mentioned my trumpet, he got really excited. He said he was 1st chair at my age, and told me tons of stories about it. Now, I know a lot of people get really annoyed when they hear other stories, especially from someone much older than them, but I truly adore hearing things that happened in others' life. I'm actually more interested in what they have to say, and less excited about what people my age have to say. I'm fun to hear about what things were like when I wasn't thought of. Like when my dentist told me about the girl that was always challenging him to try for first chair. They always faced off, but she never won. Then he dropped out to run track. I, though, was no longer interested in his story, and thought more along the lines of the girl and how she probably ended up with first chair, but still felt unaccomplished, because the one person who always upped her and was better than her ended up giving up before she could beat him. How useless things in her past had been. All that work just so he could quit on her. I wonder now if she had a crush on him... Well! I've written more than needed. I got Guitar Hero 2!! I'm so happy. We have a game tommorow, and my friend Kristen's coming over, so I've gotta clean. *sigh*

See Ya!


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