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Wednesday, December 6, 2006


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I'm really sorry. I keep getting really preoccupied as of late. I'm probably gonna change my site again soon. I hate seeing the same thing more than... so many times. I started to count. XD Not much has really happened. I hit a speed bump on FF that I haven't been able to clear quite yet. I'm just gonna start listing off random things that have occurded in the last week. *sigh* I've done alot. Let's see. Put up the Christmas tree, my tooth fell out and instead of fixing it, I got my three front teeth fixed. Yeah. I have baaaaad cavities. I brush my teeth like, three times a day, but it doesn't seem enough. My dentist says I may have inherited them because both my parents before me all had bad teeth. I got them. My sister didn't. I hate life. Anyways. Had to make up a test today in math... hm.. I saw the Spongebob movie yesterday. I Gooby Goober! ROCK! XD I hate that show. On the 15, not only does the Eragon movie come out, I also have a basketball game, and concert from a local freshmen band called Sodoner. I'm syked! I don't think I spelled that right... oh well!
I'll stop now. See ya! Have a wonderbah day!

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