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Monday, November 27, 2006


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Today wasn't all that excitin'. I'll begin it on the highlight that began it all. We were all in band, and I was supah happy to be able to see my hothead again! Oh how I missed his blue eyes, and golden curly locks. *sigh* Anyways, we were playing some christmas song, and Kyle, one of the first trumpets, played when he told us to stop. Mr.Bartlett went off. OMFG. O.O It was horrifying. I wasn't even sitting close to there, and I thought I'd pee my pants. XD No, but ok. He started screaming! His face turned red and the veins in his neck got huge, and long! His words were loud, slurred, and intangible and he stalked closer to the section. He turned around, and we suspected it was over. The hurricane had died, but this tsunami was far from climax. He whipped around and came closer, yelling again! Screaming, "YOU THINK THAT'S FUNNY!? GET THE HELL OUTTA MY ROOM IF YOU THINK THAT'S FUNNY, DAMMIT!" He kicked a chair across the room and went back to his spot. I didn't even look to see the look on Kyle's face, but somebody told me he looked like he was about to cry. I wouldn't be surprised. I would've if I were him. God. I think my hot head was pretty freaked out, too. When he walked past me to go tone, he looked up at me like, "Oh, that was scary." It was one of those looks that you know are fake.

Welp, that was the extent of my day. Hope I can write tommorrow. See ya'll!


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