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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sorry Kitty14. I really liked the pic I got on that quiz. ^^'

What do you look like as an anime Character?(girls only! BEAUTIFUl Anime Pics) by anime_forever
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It's seven twenty-five in the morning, and I'm waiting for the sun to rise. I have to go with my grandma to help her clean as is her job. No she's not a maid... if you guessed janitor, you are correct! Anyways, I say I'm going to help, though I'm probably just gonna sit out in the car and sleep while her and her friend do that. I'm tired. No pictures today. Not in the mood. I'll try to put some up later. I'll also try to tell you my actual day instead of some lame short description like I'm giving you now. I don't think anyone's writing on my posts anymore cuz I wrote the FF sucked. I'M SORRY! COME BACK! XD N E ways, I've gotta go.

See ya!


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