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Saturday, November 25, 2006


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I'm so happy! The gods have answered my prayers! I have now realized how impatient I am! ^^; The game rox! I LOVE Balthier! He's so hot! And cool! And piraty... if that's a word. Forgive me all of you who have read my last post! Forgive my quick judgement of the pig-nosed peeps of the ff world. It took me quiting, then making my mom start a game to actually make me retry. I'm sorta mad I let her. She likes it now, too... IT'S MY PRESENT, DAMMIT! Oh well. She'll eventually give up or forget about it like she has all of the other games she's started. She forgets cuz when she was little, she fell off a rolly chair at school, and got a nail lodged into her brain. Ow. So anyways, we forget about that sometimes, and curse her for forgetting, but we eventually remember and feel bad.

I'm at my other grandmas right now. She had thanxgiving today instead of thursday, so I've prolly gained like 10 lbs. over the weekend.. And I've not gotten to sleep in over the four day weekend. =_= I'm going to the circle center mall tomorrow, and I'm gonna see Borat. Yay!

Lastly, I have to tell you about the happening of Waynetown today. At four A.M. yesterday morning, some guy stabbed this other guy in the back a block or so from where my grandma's in which I'm staying at tonight lives. The murdered was found to have been stabbed in the back 8 times, and the murderer wasn't found until 2 hours ago. O.O It was realllly creepy. My g-ma's friend, Cherylle, called saying her phone line had been cut twice. Once a couple nights ago and again tonight. And some of their statues were knocked over. OoO Ah! Creepy! My g-ma thinks that her husbands trying to murder her because he needs money! This town sux!

And on that chilling note, I depart. Hoping to live another day. ;.;


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