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Friday, November 24, 2006

I'm back.

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Yeah. For all those who didn't care that I was gone, poo on you. XP Just kidding. Anyways, update. Get right on that. So! Thanxgiving. Went to one of my Grandma's to celebrate, and got to see my cousin who had just recently moved away to Arkansas. Yay! He's pretty damn awesome. Not an anime fan, though. Maybe that's why he's my favorite cousin. I like people that are different from me. They're funny and it's interesting for me to see what other people enjoy in life and to compare them with what I enjoy as well.

Since they won't be here for Christmas, we all exchanged presents early. My cousin and his dad don't have a girl in their family, so when in doubt they give out gift cards. Exciting. I got a $50 gift card for Best Buy, and was gonna get the first two dvds of Gun Sword, or the second DVD of Princess Tutu. Then my sister showed me FFXII. Yay! I pronounced loudly! As I took it home, I sat with it nestled beneith my arm. Awaiting the faithful moment in which I could tear it open and begin the journey that is Final Fantasy. When I finally got home and threw in the disk I sat awed at first by the graphics. Then, all hell broke lose from beneith my very feet. The game sucked. I'm so sorry! IT DOES THOUGH! It's a true letdown for me! The graphics... The people look like pigs! AUGH! PIGS! An insult to my love of FF! Oh! How better was FF7!? It's like a comparison of a misqueto to a whale! PATHETIC! And on top of that, the fighting style is ridiculous! I just realized earlier, that all the makers have to do to make it sale is to slap a Final Fantasy name on it and boom! Another hit! *sob* I truly pray that it gets better. If not, I'm trading it in immediatly for a less piglike character game.

I must go mourn this loss, and to beg the god of games to spare me, and make the game better. All I can do is pray. All I can do is pray... all....


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