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Sunday, November 19, 2006


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Sorry I haven't written for awhile. I've been pretty busy lately.... No I haven't. I'm lying. I just haven't felt like posting lately, to tell you truthful. Wolfy came over this weekend, and we stayed up til' 4 in the morning. Not really any big deal considerind we've pulled like 15 over nighters drawing in our mangas. She just watched the last episode of Ouran High School Host Club before she left. That's the second time I watched it and it still sucked. I don't like the ending. It leaves too many things untied for me. I'm changing my site again soon, so sorry for all you fma fans that liked my site just because it had Al and Ed on it. 'X3 I think I'll change my site again soon, I'm bored with seeing the same time on here everytime I log in. So it'll be soon. HEY! I actually did good in school. :+ Amazing. I didn't fail anything! Not even on my exams! Jessica is supah happy! This week we get Wednesday as a half day and Thursday and Friday off. Shweet! Yes! And Eragon comes out on Christmas. ;_; So far away! Oh well. I'm looking forward to it.
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