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Thursday, November 16, 2006

   Half day!.... or not.

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Today was fun... well for the most part. I was awake and happy for most of it, and the opposite at the same time. Yay! Kodocha just came on! Oh, sorry. Anyway, I once again realized just how much drama high school owns when two people I know started fighting. It's just really annoying. Anyways, it was a half day for all the elementary and junior high. All except the high school. T_T So unfair! Oh well. That ment that me and a couple of my friends had to ride the crowded bus. Then, when we got off and switched buses, it was like 5 people per bus. It would've been fun had I actually liked anyone on my bus. So there I was. Bored. Because the one day I actually wanted to talk, there were only emo kids with mp3 players blasting. So I just went up and started a conversation with the bus driver. That was thrilling. And despite how I might sound, it was actually a good day.... for the most part.

Thas all, folks!
And remember no forking till your married! XD


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