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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

YAY! I missed school.... O+O... Oh god... I MISSED SCHOOL!!

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Anyways! Today was interestingly fun. And yes. I did actually niss school. Mostly band and seeing my friends. I had to leave early on Monday right as band was supposed to start to get a checkup. That was fun. So then today I get to school and I realize I have little or no classes with hardly any of my friends. On top of that, I have only one good teacher that I actually like. He's awesome! His name's Mr.Long, and he's the coolest teacher in the whole freakin' freshmen class. Most of the people in the class are seniors who just finished their foreign language classes. I didn't take one, so yeah. But he rox. Today, we had a vocab game, but it wasn't a stupid one where everyone dreads the end of the game, oh no! It was guys against girls and they were teams. He told us that throughout all his years of teaching, girls had won 29 times and guys once. And today we made it 30-1. And all the girls got a cookie, or apple for winning. X3 Then we played silent speed ball twice until the end of the period. He didn't even get upset when everyone was talking over him! Anyways, it was a good day, to say the least. Better go,

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