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Sunday, November 12, 2006


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Yeah. 3 days without writing. My bad! New record though. First time for nothing. Anyways, weekend weekend weekend. Yeah, bitches! I got to see saw 3! And I bet you didn't! It was awesome. I'm amazed that any movie can still be good after the third movie, but it's still hard-core. I'm playing scrabble right now, running from computer to table when it's my turn. So, yeah. Today I was realllly lazy. I didn't move from my bed all day... well maybe to eat... but anyways. Saturday I went and ate chinese, and got a parfait at Walmart between 6 and midnight. There was this creepy guy who I thought was gonna murder me. He asked me to not take my crap yet, and asked me if I wanted a bag or something to carry it in. I said no. He just sat there. I didn't know if he wanted me to take it yet, so I just stood there, too. Suddenly his manager comes back and's like, "Well you gonna bag it up for her or not?!" I was like, sorry. He just slammed the food into the bag and storms off. I'm like 0.0 Goodbye. And Friday, I had Mexican. Yay! Fattening and Lazy weekend. My favorite. That's all that happened, pretty much.

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