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Tuesday, November 7, 2006

   Free day! Hooray!

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Yeah! So today was pretty sweet, right? We played soccer today in PE and I kicked the best athlete in my class' ass in soccer. X3 Yay! And then, last period, the teacher was gone. Hooray! She's a bitch, and plus that gave me the whole period to do nothing! Me, Megan, and Shannon all went to watch the little kids in band today. They sucked! óż It was so cute. -^^- They were trying to play the right music, and they had to do it twice as slow. Anyways! Me and Shannon both escaped to the library after they were finished, and now I'm on the internet. Megan decided to stay in the bandroom, but all their doing now is music theory. That would only be fun for me if it was my class, so I'm staying in here until one of us decides to leave. My dad's not coming home tonight, as far as I've been told, so me and my mother have the house to ourselves. We plan on watching Queen of the Damned. I love that movie! So, that's about it. Again on that note. 66; oh well!

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