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Sunday, November 5, 2006

Weekend... again.

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Not very interesting. In fact, it was the most boring weekend of the year. I went down to my grandparents house, where I got tons of candy XD then they made me feel guilty by asking me to stay the weekend. I said no. I didn't have any clothes, I didn't have my toothbrush, their house stank like dog piss, and my little cousin, whom which I can't stand, would have heard I was staying and spent the night as well. Then I came home, and my mom made me feel even worse by saying it was cruel to do that to my grandmother. The only good thing yesterday was the candy, and the fact that after my sister and I left their house, we got movies, Ice Creams, and greasy McDonalds and went home. I got on the internet, but got kicked off before my site was finished, so I looked like a dumbass. Then I was so pissed about that that I went to bed early. T.T No anime yesterday. I wanted to watch AS. Wahh! Just kidding. Today all I'm doing is surfing and stuff on the internet. More fun than yesterday at least. Well, that's it.

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