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Friday, October 27, 2006

   2nd day!.. Stalker...

Hello, hello! Second day on, and it's Friday! Yay! Today my band was involved in a Pride demonstration which I at first thought was gonna be gay, but ended up pretty funny. Pride's this club of antidrug freaks... yeah. So anyways, after the show, we went into the bandroom and got the whole period off! Me and my trumpet buddies were all playing stalker all day. Tee hee! We also made up this thing where whenever we hear someone's name from Twilight, or New Moon, we do these weird things. Oh, my band director's name, too. Like, Edward. We faint. And Mr.Bartlett, our band director, we act like we're peeing ourselves. XD My friends are so weird. lol.
Well that's all.

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