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Saturday, August 25, 2007


Can't read? HIGHLIGHT! O_o

Yeah. Hi. I know it's been a long time, but everytime I looked at my profile I was like... FINAL FANTASY 7... IB3 LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, but now I'm obsessed with my new theme. Code Geass, my friend! Code Geass! X3 LELOUCH!!!!!!!♥♥♥ I'm gonna stop with the entire capitalized words for awhile now. XD
Ok! I've got a problem that won't sound even vaughly realistic, or so I realized when I actually considered the thing as a simple problem in my mind. Alright. To start with, the first and only boyfriend I had was in 7th grade. James. Ok. Broke up with him. Too weird. I was too used to being his friend which I was since the 3rd grade. Bunch of stuff happended... blah... Ok!~ Moving on! James joins a band and is now the lead singer. I start liking him again. Not because he's a lead singer, but because... well... a lot of things. I wouldn't care if he was a plumber! I really like him! This guy on my bus now. He's a guitarist who's starting his own band, right? Well, he tells me he likes me. I don't like him like that. So! The guy that likes me is a lead guitarist to this band, and the guy I like is the lead singer to another band. AUGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! ;.; Both are playing at me and Lauren's double birthday party. AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! ToT' ANYONE GOT ANY GOOD ADVICE!!!!!!!!!????????
Owo' Oh! By the way! I had an awesome birthday on the 22nd and got to pick out my own presents! It's was chottaly cool. X3
Your friend who's probably blowing this way outta porportion,

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