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Friday, August 10, 2007


If you can't read this.. well... I've told you before... HIGHLIGHT WITH YOUR MOUSE!

YEY! Hi. I know, I left for Arkantucky almost a full week ago, so I'm sorry I haven't had time to write back. I seriously considered changing my site again, but euses1's last comment on my former post convinced me to leave it as it was... for a couple days at least. XD Thank you! And everyone else, I'm gonna try to catch up on the postage ASAP! Then, I'm gonna go read Beck online. My newest obsession. I started reading it, but never could find the next books for it, then I found it on the internet! B3 Yay!

Kay. First of, the Arkansas trip wasn't all it was cracked up to be. My cousin still frocks, so I was glad to finally see him, but his dad is such a non-frocking asshole. He was ordering around my cousin and I the hole time, plus he's like really perverted and thinks of women as... not... equal... and stuff. It pissed me off! I wanted to punch him in the face for pointing out every chick he kept nudging my dad over, and every perverted joke that made all the girls in the world look retarded. >XI

But on a happier note, we got back from state fair band day yesterday... WE GOT 8th IN STATE OUT OF 50 BANDS THAT MARCHED! XB Yay! I'm so psyched! I was dancin' around, and cryin', and laughin'... YAY! X3 Not only that, but I got ECLIPSE! THE THIRD IN THE TWILIGHT SERIES! *faints from over excitement* I just read it... AGH! Jacob Black totally does not frock. XP

Welp! That's enough excitement for one day!
Your HaPenis,
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