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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

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Yo. Sorry the last post was so freakin' weird. You all probably think I'm a freak, but I promise I only have thought spasms ever once a week or so. X3 I gotta make this post very short because my dog really has to pee and if he goes in the house, I'm the only one here. BC Anyways! Well, we went to our first band contests last weekend. We had two, one on friday and one on Saturday. We left for the school at 10 in the morning, got there 5ish in the evening both nights, and didn't get to leave to go home until 3ish both mornings. Hazzah. The first night we got 10th out of 20 and the second night we tied for 3rd out of 14. Not too bad, but most of the awesome bands weren't even there. So. I got Tarot cards! XD! Hazzah! Everyone hates me cuz' I use that word way too much... HAZZAH! XD I think it's fun! It cheers me up! HAZ-- Ok. I'm gonna stop.
See yaz!

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