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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hey... I know it's been... waaayyyy... too freakin' long, and I'm sorry. I haven't been writing for like, seventy million reasons, but I've got no excuse. Well... maybe a few. I've been in band for the past three weeks, and driver's ed, and I've been landscaping until late at my grandma's house. I don't get breaks for the computer, and the only time I can be on is when I'm home, which as of late means NEVER. This is the first night I've slept in my room for two weeks, and I probably shouldn't be on right now since I've got to get up at 7 in the morning, but oh well. Dude! You know how I'm slightly goody two shoes and crap? Well, I just got kicked outta my hometown gas station by the lesbian who works there. Ok, me and two kids who drive with me in driver's ed were standing outside of the gas-station, right? We got kicked outside because no loitering. Alright, no big deal. We start getting bored. The guys reallly reallly late, and so we start pointing towards the direction he comes and counting down like, 3,2,1. Suddenly, the fat chick runs out and says, "OK get off of my property. I see you popping the finger at people!" We're like, WTF, Mate? They start to argue, while I'm just kinda standing there like, Oh... sorry. My friend calls her mom, and she shuts her phone and looks at me.. "She's coming over here." Of course, I don't actually believe her. My parents never get involved if it's my problem, but almost right on cue, a red car skids around a near corner and screeches to a stop in front of the gas station door. We hear the two screaming from across the road where we stood looking on in total awe... So! That's one of the biggest things that have happened. I'd tell the rest, but I'm afraid it's way past my bedtime. Let's see... one more thing?... Oh! I got two new fish! They're Coy, and one's mostly white with a red dote on it's side with one red eye and one blue one. That's Kai, and the other one who's mostly red with a white belly is Dresden. X3 Well! Good to.. write(?) to ya!
Love ya'll!
Your postee,

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