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Thursday, May 24, 2007

I thought I'd go with an old classic since I haven't in awhile. I was going to do another Naruto theme, but I decided to hold off on it. I have everything I need, but I don't want to do two in a row. I don't think it'd look nice in the least. As for my current theme, if you didn't know, it's Cowboy Bebop. I really enjoyed that show, and I cried countless times after watching it recorded on the last episode. I did one once, but I don't think it did justice to the awesomnicity of Spike Spiegel. I love him. ♥☺♥ He's so cute. And funny. And strong.... Don't you wish some guys were like the one on TV? Well... maybe sometimes at least. I'd hate to have ninjas and guys with guns for arms, and crazy that can transform anything at the snap of a finger running around catching things on fire. I just wish they were as sweet as some are on TV. Like Vash, the Stampede! He was a sweetheart!♥ A little perverted, but no one's perfect. I guess I'm just a romantic. Possesive, jerky, sweet guys exist, but it's so cute to see it on a show when in real life, it's annoying though sometimes flattering.
Hey! I'm on Myspace now under the name ?bLoOp?, name's Jessica Biggs. X3 If you know me on here, send me an add. I don't have a picture of me on there or anything. It's a picture of a cute lil' hamster right now, but as soon as I find a good pic of me, I'll put it up. X3
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