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Sunday, May 20, 2007

I just went to the awesomeest show FRIDAY! Red Letter Reason, my friends! RED LETTER FUCKING REASON!.. actually it has no fucking in their name, BUT IT'S FRUCKIN' AWESOME! XD I went with Kassie, Pigeon, Adge, and Wolfy, and it was so sweet! We were all in front and were head bangin' and screamin', and all that crap. There were other bands there, too. We were originally going to see Sodouner, and they freakin' rocked, too, but RLR was the last show, and it was lateish, and I'd had like 2 1/2 Mt. Dews, and they were thrashing harder than Sodouner, and I was so fucking into it! My eyes are all lit up now just thinking about it.
... Wow. I cussed a lot. O.O Sorry. Just kinda got into that whole YEAH! mood, you know? XD
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