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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hey! Happy Mothers Day, and stuff! XD I wrote a couple days ago and didn't get any comments, so I thought I'd try again with a fresh post. To start off, I lost my MP3 player... again. Did you know I've gone through 5 now? My sister just got an MP4 player, and I didn't even know they existed! I knew their were MP3s with videos, but I always thought they were just MP3s... with videos. I must be behind on all the new stuff.

I'm sorry for my past of never commenting unless I was commenting. I really don't have an excuse. But I was sitting here and I realized that unless I go out and do something, nothing's going to be done. I'm going to try commenting everyone who posts on my friends list whenever I get on... Which for that you may have to bear with me. I won't be on every night. ^^'

It was weird Friday, you know? I went and job shadowed my old music teacher, and you know what was funny? All the little kids that suddenly wanted something to do with me. When I'm on my bus home, or to the elementary school, (before I get off and onto my High School Bus), I never really talk. I don't know really anyone on the bus, so I just kinda space out on the window the whole time, so it was funny when I saw all the little kids who ride my bus trying to talk to me when I went to their classes. They were all like, "I know her! SHe rides my bus!" XD It's hilarious!

Well, I better get off before my parents come home. I'm grounded from the computer. XD
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