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Friday, May 11, 2007

Hey! I can't be on very much longer. I'm not supposed to be on... once again. I can't believe my mom isn't madder at me right now. I'm kinda grounded. She rememebers, too, so it's not like I'm doing this behind her back. She just kinda waved at me and told me to get off soon... about a half hour ago. XD I hope this doesn't cut off again. I know it's been doing that to a couple computers lately. It doesn't do it to mine, but I got on at school and it was cut off. Huh. Sorry, I'll try to figure it out. Yeah. I changed my theme again! Not as soon as I usually do, but I like it. Sunday's Mother's day, and I was trying to think of anime moms... but Naruto's dad is kinda like a mother.... and he's a guy... a hot guy... the hottest guy on Naruto-- anyways! I was really sad when i was browsing through naruto pics and found one of him. I realized that if it really is naruto's dad, (HE HAS TO BE!!!!!), then it's really sad that he'd sacrifice his own kid to hold the fox... or something. Actually, knowing me, I probably just did it cuz' he's like my new favorite character on the show. ^^' I know, I suck. XD No Sasuke for me, thanks! I've seen too many of his kind. He bores me. I like Naruto and his maybe father. Anyways! I'd talk about my real life, but nothing's happened as of late that's been worth writing. All that's happened was that today I went and job shadowed my old music teacher. It wasn't too exciting.
My keyboard is dying... out of batteries..
I gotta go.
Love ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your postee, that's gonna throw her damn keyboard against the wall,

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