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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Hidihoe there good neighboor! XD Hey! It's been awhile, I guess, eh? Sorry. I've been fairly busy lately... I know that's always my excuse, but I don't think I'm lying. X3 I decided to do a theme on Chobits, and I realized how many times I've done that, so I did one on Eureka. Like? I do. Everything's BLUE!!!!! O.O Ohhhhhh.... ahhhhh....I know, sweet, right? Well, this week was interesting. I caught one of my friends talking bad about me in band, and at first I didn't know they were talking about me, then the girl she was talking about me with looked right at me and told Kelsey I was right behind her. Wow. I felt dumb. At first, I was a little depressed to know it. I talked to my friend about it, and she said that the girl who talked about me had said other stuff too. When I asked her what, she told me that the girl had been rolling her eyes and making her hand a gun and pretending to shoot at me whenever I played the first trumpet solo in Louie Louie. I wasn't really bothered. If it was just her, that's fine. As long as it wasn't someone important like the first trumpets. I guess she thought I was showing off. I wasn't really. I was playing the part at the floor so I wouldn't bother anyone. I was afraid they'd hear me, and I didn't have the right music for it, so I was just guessing the notes. I get pretty proud of myself if I play it right, though. XD It doesn't bother me anymore. I guess I forgive people really easily, or something. When she came into class today, I just started talking to her. I realize most would be mad, but don't worry. I still hold a grudge, but as I see it I'm gonna hafta get used to sharing this planet with her. And while I'm breathing in the same air as her, I'll just try to enjoy everyones company. If you gotta live, live happy.
Anyways! I feel like a freakin' monk here. XD
My condolences,
Your postee,

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