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Friday, April 27, 2007

Sorry I haven't had time to write lately, guys. I've been gone all week. Every night I'm on stage crew for the musical Footloose that my school's hosting. We had our first show yesterday, and it went over pretty well. Me, bubbie, and Megan all went to Little Mexico and I split a Chicken Quesadilla with Bubbs. It was pretty fun. I got to ride in this Gay guy's brand new car that he'd just bought last August. It sickened me, because he said he was already tired with it and he just bought it so soon. >XP I hate rich people. It was a brand new Lexis for Chrissake!!! People are crazy. *sigh* We messed up more of the show than we ever do usually yesterday. The curtain was supposed to close once, and the guy didn't think it was, and it looked really bad when someone had to come out early to try to save the show. It worked, but it looked funny because the guy who tried to keep the show going was half on stage and half behind the curtain. Oops. It was opening night, too. T.T We have another show tonight, and right after we're all going to Pizza Hut. I'm going with a bunch of friends, then my Mommy will come home with me hopefully. XD I haven't told you about our screwed up family, have I? Well, Bubbie is my dog, Minaru is my sister that my mom, Megan found in a trash can, Pigeonfreak is my grandma, Shannon is my Step mom, Kelsey is my wife, and my mom's wife, too. There are sooo many others involved. XD It's fun.
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