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Friday, April 20, 2007


Hey! If anyone can read that, it mean Muge, good day. Yeah. I'm super genius, eh? ... That's a retoricle question by the way. XD Hey! It'e been awhile! Sorry for not writing lately. I've had barely enough time to do anything recently. We've had swimming at school, and I just got the last of my teeth drilled. It sucks. It hurts to chew because the dentist made the teeth on the right side of my mouth thicker than the other side, so I can't close my mouth evenly without crushing the right ones. *sigh* Oh well. Todays been good. I called my mom two minutes befor the bus came and told her my teeth were bothering and that I was reallllly tired. All true, by the way, though you're probably thinking, Oh well, bitch! Suck it up! Oh yeah! Happy 4/20! YAY! National Weed day! It's also my sister's birthday today. XD No joke! She just turned over nineteen. X3 She's soooo cute! I don't care if she is my older sibling, she's still adorable. But if you tell her I said that, I'll hunt you down and strangle you with your own spine... even if you're dead before I get it around your neck. ...>.>'
Welp! Have a good one, and get high, for the sake of the children!
Your postee,

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