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Thursday, April 12, 2007

"Hey! I know I JUST redid my site, but I've totally been completely obsessed with death note again. I was watching AMVs and episode 26, and rereading every manga I have... O_o I know. I'm a freak. XD

Other than that, not much else has happened. I've hit a block in my writing, and I've come up with several ways to solve the problem, but I'm not sure if I'm happy with what I thought up. I was thinking of adding another character in the story, but if I did, I'm not sure what I'd make him. I already have one demon, but maybe I could add another one. It would allow the reader to see how a normal demon would act if he hadn't been influenced by angels and imprisonment.... I'm sorry if you have no idea what I'm talking about. XD I also considered making the new character, if I make one, human. He could have snuck into the city without the angel's realizing it. He'd be a funnier type, since the only characters I have are usually serious all the time. I also considered making it to where the characters went to college with her. I'm not sure what foot I want to use to step out with this. There's so many different leads I have, but only one way I think that could make the story satisfying to me.

In real life, we're swimming this week. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! It sucks sooooo bad! The first day, my legs were all twitching and stuff.... I'm pretty used to it, but it still sucks. WAH! Tubby's gotta work out. T.T XD I still have a couple of tweeks yet to do on my site, so I better go and finish with them. X3
Thank you for listening. X2
Your postee,

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