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Thursday, March 29, 2007

You know about the story I told you about in my last post? Well, I decided to write an excerpt of it.... Just a small piece of writing. Don't know what part, but I just got the story back today, so I figured I'd write more on it tonight if I got a chance. This could get me into the mood, so that's a plus. If you don't like it, or find anything that needs changing, tell me, PLEASE! Now. To start. I'm not going to write from the beginning. Just a random part in the middle.. or something. ^^'


Chapter 4: Maple Chicken

"Is she coming?" Jektt asked examining the half cold chicken limb, smelling it curiously when Gagifid came back into the kitchen and sat back at the table with a sigh.
"Oh, I don't know. I guess she'll have to when she gets hungry enough," he said, proping his head up with his elbow.
"How are we supposed to get her to Nambina if she keeps sulking around? I mean, what's the big deal? So she has to say yes or no to the destruction of all mankind, how horrible," Jektt scowled, spitting small chunks of food out as he spoke.
Gagifid shrugged and leaned forward, "Is it any good? They didn't have much barbeque left, so I mixed what was left with Maple Syrup."
"How the hell should I know? Any solid food is better than old, dry, damned souls any day! Do you know how many good tasting damned souls there are around here? Like one out of ever twenty!"
Footsteps upstairs quieted the pair and they watched each other for a moment before eating again. Alice stepped in with clothes on her arm and a cautious blush redding her cheeks. She walked around the coffee table and offered the clothes to Jektt who watched them uncomprehensively. He looked down and noticed he was only wearing a towel. With a sigh he stood and snatched the clothes from the girl who immendiatly flinched away, causing a smile to cross Jektt's lips.
He left and Alice sat at the table, picking up a piece of chicken without thinking. A disgusted expression smothered her features.
"Is it good? I used syrup!"
She nodded hard and swallowed the half raw piece of meat down, tears of displeasure growing in her eyes. She had to get the taste out of her mouth, so she grabbed Jektt's milk and gulped it down.
"All right, now I want some answers," she demanded, a stern, but shy look crossing her features. "If what you said was true, then who and what are you and Jektt? Saints?" she pointed at Jektt who stood in her doorway with a half buttoned up, black polo shirt and blue jeans, and a chicken bone sticking out of his mouth.
(She's referring to the story I had Gage tell her earlier about saints being the rulers of earth while god was off, busy with other worlds.)
Both men stopped and looked at each other for a moment expressionless, and for a moment, she thought she had hit the nail on the head... until they burst out into laughter.
"W-what!?" she yelled at the two who were nearly crying from laughing too hard.
"Me?! A SAINT!? What, are you kidding? No, you moron, I'm the demon who killed the last Saint who was given the task to make the divine choice, your grandmother! Isn't it obvious?" he chuckled, calming down slowly.
The blonde headed boy stopped laughing and looked up at the horrified girl. She didn't move as Jektt passed her still trying to quiet himself while sitting at the table.
"Don't worry, Alice. He won't hurt you. He needs you, and can't kill you unless he wants to die himself," this seemed to calm her a bit, so he continued, "As for me," Gagifid stood looking down embarrassed, "I was the angel who was once known as Joshan. I led angels of the highest caliber in the fight to claim back your grandmother, and fought Bail."
Alice looked at him strangely, "You mean, you're an angel?" she continued as he nodded, "I've never seen any other angels. Can I only see you?"
Gage's expression softened and he folded his hands under the table, "You've seen them everyday. See, no one in this city but you and your father are actually human. Everyone here is an angel. All given orders to keep away from you unless necessary. We were surprised when you didn't figure it out yourself. It was challenging to keep everyone away from you. Every angel wanted to you out of your jar," Alice stared at him trying to understand what that meant when he shook his head and answered, "Your soul is the most beautiful thing any angel has ever seen. Much more glorious than even the Saint Kaila, your grandmother, herself. Every angel loves taking the souls of humans out of their jars. It's like uncapping the lid of a jar with a butterfly inside... Even I'm not immune to your soul's beauty. I, too, want to set your soul free," he studied her a few moments more before shaking his head and turning away.
Alice shivered at the thought of leaving her body. It seemed so creepy. Jektt caught her attention for a minute as he sat, scanning Gagifid's face dangerously for a moment before turning back to the rancid chicken.
"You... you never told me where my father was."
After a while's wait, Gage finally spoke up," Jektt told me he knows where he is. That's why I freed him. He watched him get kidnapped, and heard where they were heading. He said he lead up to him... if I let him out.. and if you'd come with us."
Alice turned to Jektt who ignored her and continued with his sticky dinner. Finally, he answered without looking up, "He is YOUR father," Alice nodded.
"I'll come," she said without any hint of hesitation.
"Strong for a human, isn't she?" Gagifid smiled proudly.
"Yeah. Strong for a human, weak for a saint," Jektt stood and left the two watching after him.

Sorry! If you didn't read all that, I totally understand! That was way longer than I meant. ^^' Well, if you did read, tell me if you like it.
Your long postee,

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