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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hey! Sorry it's been so long. Not much has happened, so I figured it probably wasn't worth it. I gave up on that guy Robby that I said I liked. He's got a girlfriend now, and I don't think I like him anymore anyways. I've still been writing all my stories, my written ones as well. I'm having Mimaru edit the one I've been doing recently. It's about this girl who will eventually have to decide whether to save the world or save the people who inhabit it. Either kill all the humans so the world can live on, or let it die slowly by letting people continue to roam free on it. There's an angel she meets who tells her that the town she's living in isn't a real human inhabited town, but a town run by and occupied by angels. He goes to her house the same day, and frees a demon who's been inprisoned in her attic in a barrier so he can't break free. Pretty much, the angel wants her soul because it's really pure and beatiful and stuff and the demon is just... well... a demon. Both are hot, but I tried to make the demon sound hotter. B3 I'm evil. XD
Anyways! I think I already told you about it, but in case I didn't, and since I don't have anything else to talk about, sorry. ^^'
Your postee,

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