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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hey! I only have a minute or two, so I'll make this extremely short. Wednesday was like the weirdest day, and this is the weirdest week of the school year, yet! I almost missed the bus, my classes were weird, we had dogs searching our halls for drugs. It was just weird, man. Guess what, though! Tommorrow, Pigeon's coming over! Yay! I'm so excited! Oh, the new theme thingy is just random pictures by Adumi Tohru. I don't know if she's written any manga, but I adore her drawings. Her art is stunning. I think I'm pretty happy with how it turned out I guess. We have to do this dumb thing in careers where we have to do research about what we enjoy or wanting to be. I'm doing research on a music director. Did you know that they can make up to 500,000 a year? Isn't that amazing! Wow!
Ok, that be all for now! Your postee,


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