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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hey! Life's been alot better to me lately. I have a theory that for everything bad that happens, something equally good must occur, but I know that's not always true. It just seems that way sometimes. It would be nice, like for a homeless person. Things might only get worse for the person. What could possibly end up being of equivilence to that? I don't really know, for sure. I mean, it's just probabilty I guess. Some people have many good things in life, but bad things as well. It's just the roll of a dice, if you think about it. I'm not really sure why I felt like talking about that! XD I've started a couple new anime that I'd like to point out. They rock. I watched the first couple episodes of blame, but it's too weird. I don't understand it. Then, I've been watching Samurai Deeper Kyo. It's awesome! One of my new favorites! Another is Full Metal Panic. I've read the manga, so I already knew it was gonna rock my socks off... which the anime did. XD And finally, I've gotten really into Slayers, as you can see from my new profile. Gourry is soooooo cute! X3 I hate that chick that calls him Gourry dear. >XI She needs to die.. or fall into a pit of lava causing her skin to melt off then be saved from death but be utterly deformed for the rest of her short, hard, painful life. B3

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