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Sunday, March 11, 2007

I'm so happy that I finally found the perfect stuff for my Hot Gimmick profile. X3 I love Hot Gimmick. It's my favourite manga, but they don't have but like, 5 background images that you can get. It sucks! So I'm glad that it doesn't look horrible. Not much has happened. I went to watch Music and Lyrics on Friday, and it was awesome. It didn't look very good, so I was pretty suprised when it turned out as well as it did. Oh! We got a new puppy. He's the ugliest puppy you could possibly imagine. I suggested we named him Frogger because when you itch his back, he spreads out his back legs. You also have to pick him up and move him everywhere, so he may not make it to the newspaper. I'm keeping my door shut tonight so he can't piss in there. I'm a cat person. The dog looks like those things from Chubaca's island in star Wars.

It was really awkward this weekend. My sister's boyfriend kept calling me hot, and telling me to get contacts. They both kept saying I had really pretty eyes and all this crap. It pissed me off! The jerk kept wanting to see me when my sister and I were trying on clothes and ignoring my sister! Now I'm in a bad mood and I still have to do a boring report for something. *sigh* Well, see you.


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