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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Hey! I seem to have gotten tired of my old site layout rather quickly, if I don't say so myself. Nothing matched... to me, at least. I couldn't stand it. I made it a little more laid back this time. It was a bitch trying to find the right pictures of Kurogane and Fai! My search results kept coming up with pictures of them both... indisposed, or kissing, or making kissy face at one another. I don't see them gay. I think them all rather cute, myself. This has to be an extremely short post if I can make it so. I was supposed to be in bed an hour ago! Oh dear! Well, not much has happened. Tommorrow's my mommy's birthday, and I feel bad because I forgot and I'm gonna have to get something last minute for her. I'm a horrible person. T.T It's also a half day! So... maybe I could clean the house... or something stupid like that. Welp! Wish me luck! Last thing, this new trimester sucks. I don't get to see Lauren, like.. EVER! I don't have any classes with her or barely any of my other friends. Once again... T.T So anyways! I think I hear my mom talking to dad, a sign that she's about to get up and chew my ass off. I gotta go!! I'm typing so freaking fast! WOW! Ok! See ya!

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