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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Another day, another cup of Cocoa in the morning.

Yeah! That's right. I drink one cup of hot chocolate every morning. It's delicioso. X3 Actually, I think it might be the cause of a problem I keep having. My lip has been swelling up alot, and the other day, I noticed that it only swelled up after I drank a cup of heaven. Hm. Sounds good right now... *pauses to check the time* Nope. Too late. Gotta go to bed soon. The only difference the days bring are that instead of just cocoa every morning, I also sometimes have buttered toast. It's delicious! You should try it. What you do is dip the toast into the chocolate, but not too long. It'll get nasty... well, maybe not, but it might break off if you leave it in. Yeah. I don't really know why I felt like saying that today. BI Hmmmmm... Oh well!~

Have a great one,
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