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Sunday, February 25, 2007


Hey. Today was kinda boring, if you want the truth, though much more eventful than the last couple weekends. I'm at my mom's parent's house right now. I just finished helping my sister washing her hair. It's really long, and I got tons of hair all over me from it. *sigh* If you didn't read my 2nd post yesterday, I said sorry. I haven't been getting enough sleep lately, and it was fairly early in the morning when I wrote all that. I'm not gonna take back what I said though. I still think she brought it on herself, and I'm sorry that she did, but it's not my place to get involved. Anyways! It's my grandparents, and there are five main reasons I'm not out right now playing darts with them.
1.They're all old.
2.They all smoke.
3.I don't play darts with old people.
4.I like the enternet.
And 5, I'm a mean granddaughter like that. ^^

Well, that sums it all up. I'm listening to Solemn Serpents soundtrack on a second screen. Nicely choosen, my friend. Love Tribute. XD

See ya on the flip side,


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