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Saturday, February 24, 2007


Hey! Sorry about the post this morning. I was in a really bad mood. My eye's been twitching alot lately, which my dentist says means I'm under alotta stress. (My dentist, a doctor. Who knew!?) I guess that might be true. Recently, I haven't gotten any sleep. I keep waking up from bad dreams, or waking up because I keep thinking I'll miss the bus. I'm nervous that I didn't do my homework and I'll suddenly sit up in bed thinking the homework's at the end of my bed and wake up holding a pillow and an imaginary pencil. *sigh* I try to go to bed early, but I end up staring at the ceiling until almost midnight every night. Sorry to bring it up. No one actually has to comment, I just needed to write it down. You know, get it off my chest. Thank you if you actually read it. X3 You guys rock.

See you later, mashed potater... Uh... yeah...lame.... BYE!!

Your lame postee,


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