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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Just got back from a partay. It was pretty awesome, other than the fact that people were talking until 2 am, so I couldn't go to sleep. We ate cake, and the main person who kept talking at like 27 and a half cookies. OMFG! XD Just kidding. They were pretty good, I have to admit. I just started another story on board.monstersgame.co.uk. It sucks. The story was so good too! The people that joined though made it dreadfully horrid. It's so bad now! DX People are making into a fighting rp. I don't like that. It's supposed to be a romantic, deep, political rp. I love those that take more time than a freakin' fighting one. So, I'm trying really hard to get it back on track. It's not really working. *sigh* SetsunaX is the worst of all. And this chick he keeps talking to. THEY SUCK. GAHH! I'm so sad and mad and....... ANGRY! It took so much time to start that, and now it's just a common one that people are putting one sentence freaking paragraphs on. T.T I'm going to bed. I know you're never supposed to go to bed angry, but I sleep much better when I do. SO! I can't explain the party because the day was ruined by illiterate, dumbasses who don't know how to right a good damn story. DAMMIT!

See you on a better note... hopefully.

Your writee,


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