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Saturday, February 3, 2007

I wish I was an Oscar Myer.... WEINER!

Hey! I'm in a really good mood tonight, and I'm typing faster than usual. Maybe it's just because I'm listening to a fast, upbeat song. I love how music can make people feel at different times. Like when I have a really bad day, I listen to hard metal music when I get home, and usually go to sleep listening to it. When I wake up I'm in such a good mood, I'll change the music to slower music. Then I get even more relaxed than I had been.

Nothing really happened this weekend... again. I've been on the net for nearly 12 hours. Gone back to old sites and all that crap. It'll good to look in on some places. I guess a couple of my old favorite sites has gone down. It was when I liked Inuyasha. I used to go to this site all the time. It had a bunch fanfiction that I'd read because I was a nerd and didn't know a good book when it flew up and pimp slapped me in the face. Anyways, I finished a book called Now you see it, by Vivian Vande Velde. She's my favorite author. She writes these hilarious stories about fantasy stuff and all that. Sorry tonight was so rushed. Other than that, I did abosolutely nothing but watch a couple movies and sleep. The movies sucked to, so overall, a prett average day, but not a good one.

I'll see you whenever.


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