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Thursday, February 1, 2007


Topic's pretty random, eh? My mom's got Oprah on, so I'm trying very hard to ignore her, but it's not working too well. Op! Now it's Jerry Springer. T.T Kill me now. XD Let's see.... I've gotten quite a few compliments on my site! Yay!

Today was interesting. It was... well... boring. More so than usual. I was doing a little experiment today. It went well, I think. Today was original supposed to be dedicated to the musics, but I decided in second period that I'd try something else. So all day, I didn't talk unless I was spoken to, unless I needed to and it couldn't be avoided. It's funny because everyone told me I was quieter than usual. That tells me something. XD I guess I do talk to much. It's not like prattling on, I just do that when I'm writing because I have time to think about other things to say when I'm writing. So! Now I'll get back on topic. Let's see... Yeah. That was about it. Usually there's at least one thing that happens. It's strange for me to have such an uneventful day. Oh well. I'll stop there. Thank you for listening to my babbling, I know it wasn't really worth it. XD
Have a wonderba day!


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