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Monday, January 22, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen!

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Ladies-l-ladies and g-g-gentlemen-gentlemen, introducing-ducing the new-new and improve-proved chika urk ii urk!... Yep.
I used to be obsessed with Eminem a few years back. Does that surprise you? I still like a couple of his songs, but I'm not like EMINEM anymore.

Anyways! On with the day. It sucked. Not like the worst day of my life sucked, but like, I wanna kick in someone's face just to feel better sucked. At first it was ok. I mean, we didn't have much to do in my first classes, then all hell broke loose. Leaving biology, I was reminded that someone from band had suggested a new seating chart. I figured it was worth a shot. The only reason that he wanted my imput was because he said I had, "senior authority", because I had been there a year longer. I said it was fine, we could try it for today, and I was expecting everything to go swiftly. It didn't. Everyone who was supposed to move didn't, and it was the one person we were experimenting with in the first place. She was supposed to move because we thought it might improve her playing if she moved by people she wasn't used to, if that doesn't make sense, think about it. Everyone does better when they're by people they're being judged by, so they'll try to impress them by playing better. Anyways. So the kid that asked if we should move and called me senior authority, asked Kyle, which is one of the greater trumpets of the band, one of the firsts, and he said I wanted them to move. That didn't bother me, but when Kyle asked why, he said I just really wanted people to move to another place, or something like that. I'm sure he looked at me almost disappointed. I got really mad. But, being the calm person I am, I never said a word.

The effort wasn't a complete waste though. The kid who said all that ended up telling me that the person in question ended up playing fairly well, and on the way home I confingured the perfect seating chart that ended up with the two sitting next to each other and an array of others that play well together sitting together.

Thank you for putting up with the steam I've been blowing,

Your friend,


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