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Friday, December 21, 2007

holy crap, its completly been like, forever. i just didnt feel like posting anything, i guess. nothing worthwhile happened since a month ago.

well, i got grounded for a little bit, but like, only 3 days. i dont even know what i did. And the Boys Like Girls my sister is blasting under my room is giving me a headache. (they're ok, just not really loud) Their songs get stuck in my head real easy.

i feel like messing around with my site. Change everything, you know? all the backgrounds and stuff. I already changed my icon. I found it on DA and i was all like, o, i have to use that! got it from FreddyChick on Deviant Art. it's a bit small, but awesome.

I went to work today, and i took down the plastic we put over everything. (you guys: ...wut?) for everyone that doesnt kno, i have a part-time job at the library, just for the moneyies. We closed for 2 weeks to get new windows and now we're reopening the day after christmas. I have to work on the 27th. Some winter break. Pfft. >.>

bleh. Freshman year blows. too much draaaaama! save me. i have like, a really long mental list of people i want to murder. My parents think i need more friends. i think i may need less, keeping up with them is hell.

**EDIT**: something worth saying!: I just realized, i so love feminine men. It's so freaky and random, it's funny. I mean: Dei-dei, Ritsu, Lyserg du Shaman King, Ayame, and Fai from the land of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. (for a full list of my fave boys + 30 sexy icons and Yachiru, go look me up on gaia. it wont let me link cuz my profile is custom and doesnt have a number. The username's Amaya The Reaper.) If you perfer, i might add them to my about me (and stretch my page like crazy). **END EDIT**

wow, long post for not having much happen to me.

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