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HEY! my names Chi *u may call me chi* and im totaly insane and love to be imature and annoing! im kinda new at the whole anime thing so all hints and tips are welcome! im working at becoming a better artist so critise please!! feel free to
stop by my site pm me or befriend me* i love to talk* if u visit my site sign the gust book so i know uve been here and i promise i'll visit ur site in return, also please check out me and sad angles co-op site bloodangel88
well stop in some time
love ya
see ya

P.S. i finaly have news i will start taking reguests.
well actually im begging u to make requests. i would really like to challenge myself in becoming a better artist.And im actualy not bad at oc's so please! reguest stuff it may not be perfect but i'll try^.^

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Vocal mess>.
ok so it totaly sucks! im in this solo and essamble thing for chior.its where you go to a nother school and sing for judges who ...judge you.... but its really fun. i have a solo a duet and a trio^^ BUUUUUTTT! i have larinjitis-.- i know i cant spell so i basicly just lost my voice.I sucks! in chior today i had to sing my solo and i ended up not singign half of it because my voice couldnt reach the notes.tiss verr sad because my poor singing buddis aur going to suffer. so if u have any magic cures for voice loss i'll try any thing.

OH!!!!! But saturday is my birthday^^ im so fircken excited!! but i have solo ans ensamble ont that day so i gotta get up early>.< one of my friends got me a pie today and and it was kinda scary because at lunch i shared it and it only took us (6) like half of a miniute to scarf a whole huge pie. i swear some one could have lost a hand*which would have been totaly cool^^* sorry rambiling i'll leave
see yas

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Uhhg! school is horrible! were only a week and a half in and im already pulling sick days! it sucks. espicaly because ive been really depressed lately. being depressed makes me mad because i have no right to feel that way! my life is not that bad and yet im here wallowing in self misery>.< stupid emotional mess*bangs head on door* It dosent help that my mom's going through menopause*sp?* and my dads just being a jerk. i just want to cry and yet i cant. ive never been able to cry when i need to. i just bottel it all up. any who im sorry if i seem llike i bitching to u but im just... idk bored discontent, needing to vent.so sorry

well another "wonderful" thing. i have major drawing block!!>D Rawwwwwwrrr!! does any body have sugestions? WHAT SHOULD i DRAW!!! im begging here!
oh but heres some good news! we got a new girl at our school and shes actualy cool! shes totaly into anime and music and yeah! tis been forever scence we got a new person in our group! i just hope dhe works out?

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Friday, December 21, 2007

YEah! were out for christmas break and im so happy!! school was getting to the point of intolerable>.< buttt.... anywho i cant wait for christmas! its my favorite holiday.
! whats ur fav holiday?
2 whats on ur christmas list?

My list is quite long this year*its kinda sad* but i love the whole christmas auora! its like the whole world/country/town goes into this christmas mode and is jolly happy busy... and just plain crazy! I am sorry if Christmas offends anyone but i am not one of thoes to say happy hollidays but im a christain who celebrates christmas. and yes it is pronounced CHRIST-mas so m not bashing any one i am just suporting my belifes^^ well i hope you all have a great christmas!^^!

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