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Wednesday, February 8, 2006

HA this isnt Blondhottie14 anymore!! she doesnt even know here password!!!! i fucking changed everythin!!ya like?! HA! that bitch wont ever get back in here!!! HA she just needs to go away and let herself keep being fucked by everyone!!!
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Saturday, February 4, 2006

   I don't understand
I haven't done anything and Josh is ignoring me the only thing I know I've done wrong is I haven't been able to get on
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Monday, January 30, 2006

I hate this! I HATE THIS!


My sister is in prison AGAIN!!!!!
Everytime she's in there it's always
"I'll be a better sister to you promise me you won't ever turn out like me"
Gawd she expexts me NOT to turn out like her when she says how much she wants to change but theN (GASP) SHE NEVER F****** DOES!!!!!
I WANT TO HATE HER SO BAD.....:'( but I can'tthis isn't fair EVERYONE is paying for what she does....I shouldn't feel bad for her...but I do

I hope no one finds me heartless on this...I just....can't take it anymore *sighz*


Special Girl
by Nb Ridaz

Its the ridaz
im looking for that special girl...
my super woman

Dear lord
on my knees can u hear my prayers (my prayers)
is she really out there
I need to know cuz my whole life
I'll search the whole world
looking for that special girl
Dear lord
on my knees can u hear my prayers (my prayers)
is he really out there
I need to know cuz my whole life
ill search the whole world
let me be his special girl

Cant wait to see your face
and the way that you smile
the one to hold tight when your days are down
if you need a shoulder you can count on me
thats the kinda man that i wanna be,
are u out there let me know
I'll search the whole wide world
until I find that someone my special girl
if u know who u r just make urself seen
I need that super woman that only exists in my dreams,
keep u warm and close kiss from ur head to your toes
as our feeling keep growing it will never get old
take a chance with my love
baby i want you so bad
cuz real love is something that I never had,
I know ill find u some day my heart will never give up
soon we'll be together and no longer apart
till the day that comes I'll be searcing for u
just remember pretty girl this rider loves u


I need someone thats gonna be there for me
a real woman
the one who stands and loves and respects a man
and knows sometimes that I cant be at home
I'll never lie and decieve you always trust and believe,
are you really out there I need to know
I'm tired of the lonely nights
cuz all I want is a happy home
and to see you and me smiling
for the whole world to see
cuz all I really need

someone whos gonna ride for me
no matter the situation that we facin
you'll be by my side ready to lay it all on the line
all I'm asking for is your love and affection
your hugs and kisses just to know u miss me
when I'm gone and when I need you the most
your just a phone call away
my best friend on the other end tellin me everything gon be ok

Dear lord
on my knees can u hear my prayers (my prayers)
is she really out there
I need to know cuz my whole life
I'll search the whole world
looking for that special girl

Is he really out there I need to know
I've been sittin and waiting here all alone
turn my dreams into reality
lord I've been waiting patiently
someone to hold me when I'm afraid
to protect me and comfort me every day
stand by me and believe in me
for ever on my knees I pray


yeah lord just help me find her

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

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Well I haven't posted in about week (sorry about that) I just haven't felt up to it..

I can't really keep track of every little thing that happed this week but uh
*cough cough* uh the most major thing that happened was...

Me and some other ppl were at math tutoring (yes I SUCK at math)and sitting next to me was this really nice guy I know (ok you have to know that he has a girlfriend) and when were heading up to the office after tutoring he...um kissed me..and now if his girlfriend finds out she's gonna come at me with a knife.... 0_0'''' it's not my fault!!! HE KISSED ME!! *cowars*

And then we went to the skating rink last night (majorly bored)
so those are the major things that have happened this week...

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

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yes they finally have an icon for that song!

Ok I've been writing this over the past few days I think it has an extremly corny ending..


I'm laughin, and smilin,
and dancin again

I'm writing, I'm living,
I'm breathing again

I put on a show everyday
But you don't even know it

I guess I'm quite the actor,
yes I have got you all fooled

I'm sealed up tight
and I'm down inside

I'm tired of hurting people
and getting hurt myself

I want it to go away
I don't mean to feel this way

So can you forgive me?
I wish we could start over

I'm sorry it ended up this way

Just love me, and I'll love you again

OMG IT'S SO CORNY ....it sounds like a country song talk to me ppl give me your input on it

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