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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Bleeding To Grey
My hand reaches out of this grave I've built myself,
I want to escape out of this cold,black, cell;
Iv'e tried to scream my pain all away,
But only finding myself bleed to gray,
Calming paradise is but a strange dream,
While reality suffercates me it always seems

wow..holy crap all state orkstra tryouts are coming up again..i know im guna make it again...buh i really wana bring someone "friend" there to hang out w/while waiting and stuff...its not fun going all by yourself...i know i have friends..buh not really here ones..ahhh...

hmm...oh yeah i wrote that poem couple days ago..woo..eh..its ok..yes,yes,justin I do FUCKIN HAVE FRIENDS....woooo..just have to keep remindning self...

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